Its Summer in Bloom Time

The garden is in nearly full bloom with a variety of Dahlias, Snapdragons, Yarrow, Sunflowers and enough wonderful all around flowers to fill a beautiful bouquet. We completed our first wedding of the season with corsages, wedding bouquets, rose petals and table arrangements and a few extra buckets thrown in for fun. DIY wedding buckets make a great alternative to brides who want to arrange their own flowers. A large bucket (think Home Depot size) will make about 6 table arrangements, and a small bucket will make about 4 medium sized arrangements or two large ones.

We have so enjoyed the beginning of the season this year. We planted in April so the blooms are a little delayed due to the cold early Spring, but now that it’s consistently 70 degrees out the Dahlias and everything else are loving it! My favorite time of the day is after 5pm when the pollinators are starting to slow down and find their “flower beds” for the evening. I’ll find a sleepy bee tucked in for a mid-summer night’s dream.

Upcoming events will be a jam-jar session to learn how to make a small table arrangement for your next party using blackberry vines and available flowers. We will keep you posted but bring your gloves and snips and are guest designer will walk you through the details. Stay tuned for our August date for that.

And as always since the stand is officially open, feel free to drive by and ring the blue glass bell if we are not around or give us a call if we are in the house. We would love to show you are flowers and you can even tell us what to pick for you and we will fresh pick a nice handful for your table!

Have a great Summer!

Sue & Lori

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I grow dahlias and flowers from seed at my sister's farm in Happy Valley, Redmond Washington. I love creating flower arrangements and seeing the smiles on visitor's faces when they take home a bouquet or bucket of fresh scented flowers.

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